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How Jessica Swystun DOUBLED Her Production in Just 3 Months!

May 29, 2019

Most of the time, the only thing holding us back is ourselves. How can you stop making the same mistakes and surpass your self-imposed ceiling? How do you start taking control of your future? On this episode, Jessica Swystun shares how taking strategic action allowed her to double her production in just 3 months.



You just have to do the things on the list. -Jessica Swystun



  • Systems are non-negotiable if you want a successful business. Make sure you’re putting effective systems in place that allow you to manage everything properly.

  • Engage with the right Realtors. It’s important to build relationships with Realtors by sending them leads. Be sure to also screen them to make sure you’re sending clients to the right people.

  • Taking control of your business is crucial. Make the mindset shift towards achieving everything you’ve set out to do.


At the start of the episode, Jessica shared what led her to decide to want more. She then discussed how she started on her own, after leaving a major financial institution. Jessica mentioned how she stopped feeling overwhelmed and began the process of just ‘doing the things’.


We also discussed:

  • Knowing your skill set
  • Effective ways to communicate with your database
  • That working all day long means nothing if it’s not impactful

To be successful in the mortgage industry, you have to be intentional. It’s not enough to show up to work everyday. You have to be committed to taking the right steps towards success. Take control of your business, and implement systems that help you go to the next level.


Guest Bio

Straight after college, Jessica Swystun joined a major financial institution. After feeling like she wasn’t doing enough, Jessica made the decision to help people buy homes. Since making this decision, she’s joined the Mortgage Marketing Coach program- and has seen fantastic results. Jessica is an advocate for taking action for success, and believes simply ‘doing the things’ is all it takes to generating phenomenal success.

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