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How Jelani Dorsey Turned His Annual Income into His Monthly Income in Just 3 Months (All In The Purchase Market - Without Cold Calling)

March 25, 2021

Comfort is the mortal enemy of greatness, but even the most aspirational loan officer wants a sense of stability in their business. 

Mortgage is full of ups and downs, and that can become soul-crushing pretty quickly for aspirational LOs and average Joe’s alike. The question is, how can we beat the unpredictability?

What can we do to take our earnings from a fluctuating nightmare to firmly grounded bliss?

In this episode, Partner at Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Jelani Dorsey shares how he’s created enduring economic prosperity in the space of 3 months. 

"When it comes to coaching you’ve got to pay to play, and the best people charge what they’re worth." -Jelani Dorsey


  • How to beat the hit one, miss one nature of mortgage

    In the mortgage business, it’s common to have one exceptional month, followed by 90 days of nothing. How can we quit putting ourselves on the rollercoaster and cultivate stable successes?

  • Why we need to back away from budget business coaching

    How can we expect to see champion-level results when we’re only willing to put down a chump-level investment?

  • How to define our why

    What does our fed-up threshold look like? What will it take to say enough is enough? 


Guest Bio - 

Jelani Dorsey is a Partner at Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group. Prior to his most recent previous role as admission and community outreach coordinator at Breakthrough Public Schools, Jelani spent a decade in the finance industry, both working and interning at a hedge fund. He first entered the mortgage space in early 2020, and thanks to his astronomical growth, it's safe to say he hasn't looked back. 


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