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How Jed Barker 5X’D His Income In 60 Days With Zero Cold Calling

August 6, 2020

Without a bold and strategic investment into ourselves and our dreams, it’s impossible to fully expand into the fullness of our potential and our capability. When we settle, we’re allowing where we are to drag us down like concrete and keep us stuck. 


We should be letting the desire for the life we want to pull us like a magnet. 


My guest today is someone whose business has quickly gone stratospheric because he made the right decision. He chose to be pulled by the future and it changed his mindset, his habits, and his action. 


He went from the challenges of trying to get his business off the ground to soaring and being on a million dollar trajectory in just 7 months! He possesses many quintessential traits of successful people, and he’s reaping the rewards. 


What are the decisions and activities that have opened up huge doors for him? How do we unlock our purpose and avoid settling? 


In this episode, mortgage advisor and client, Jed Barker shares how he transformed his business in a huge way and what the journey has been like. 

When I got into this business, I saw an opportunity to take my financial success to the next level and build a product I’m proud of. -Jed Barker



  • The secret to mortgage success we don’t talk about enough 
    Believing in ourselves is one part of the equation if we want to succeed in this business. We need to have confidence in something outside of ourselves, something that will help us take the right action every single day to put us on the right trajectory. 
  • How to bring Realtors value beyond leads
    If you think leads are all they want, you’re signing up to become a commodity. There’s a lot more we can bring to the table, and Jed’s journey teaches us a valuable lesson about that. 
  • How to turn your job into your divine purpose 
    When our beliefs align with our calling and our purpose, we tap into something bigger than us and our own individual effort. This will have a ripple effect that will shock us when we see who and what it touches. In this episode, you’ll learn how to make this happen.

Guest Bio 


Jed is an entrepreneur, mortgage advisor, and the CEO at Vivid Mortgage. Vivid Mortgage is a family owned and operated full-service broker based in Greenville, South Carolina. Jed specializes in providing high value to my business partners and clients. For more information, visit