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How Jay Rodriguez Went from $1.5M/month to $4.43M/month in Funding Volume in Just 4 Months, Without Cold Calling!

May 16, 2019

No one wants to be mediocre, but a lot of loan officers allow themselves to stay in underwhelming positions because it’s comfortable. How can you stop allowing yourself to tolerate struggle? What will allow you to see real freedom? On this episode, success story and Mortgage Marketing Coach student, Jay Rodriguez is here to share what pushed him toward greatness.



Unless you have the determination, you won’t execute your goals. -Jay Rodriguez



  • Too many people tolerate struggling because they believe it to be normal. What you tolerate, you endorse. So make sure you’re not endorsing something that holds you back from greatness.

  • Focus on who you are, why you’re here, and what your purpose is. You need to have a keen sense of self and goals to be able to push through to greatness.

  • Stop thinking you have to do it all. If you choose not to build a team that allows you to step back, you’re doing yourself a disservice. By being a control freak, you lose all sense of freedom.


At the start of the episode, Jay shared how he got started in the industry. After explaining that he was overworking and staying in something that made him unhappy, Jay started talking about his shift towards building a business he wanted that brought him fulfillment and phenomenal success.


We also discussed:

  • The power of peturbence
  • Why you need to decide you must win
  • That you should be using technology to make your life easier

Despite the wealth of great technologies and the expertise of others, loan officers continue to complicate their journeys to success. The reality is, while it’s certainly not easy to achieve greatness, the ability to achieve it lies within ourselves. Stop telling yourself it’s okay to be mediocre: you can rise to the top. All it takes is work and determination.


Guest Bio

After seeing some success in the mortgage industry since getting his license in 2010, Jay Rodriguez believed he was in a reasonably good position. However, his burning desire for more sparked a passion within him to move on to bigger things. Since joining the Mortgage Marketing Coach program, Jay went from $1.5M/month to $4.43M/month. Today, he’s happier than ever in all aspects of his life and healthier than ever before.

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