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How Indecision Kills Your Success (And How To Fix It!)

December 5, 2018

Many people falsely believe that taking a long time with decisions, deliberating, and trying to be risk averse is going make them more successful. Why does indecision do massive and catastrophic damage to our goals and dreams? What is the law of diminishing intent, and how do we fight it? What does it take to become powerfully decisive? On this episode, I talk about how to beat the beast of indecision and get closer to the life of our dreams.


Indecision is a decision to prolong the problem and to allow it to persist. -Doren Aldana



  • When we soften the problem, we stay stuck in a rut of stagnation and regression.

  • Your income, relationships, and results are the effect of you and the action you do or don’t take.

  • You have to make an intention and get into action before the procrastination and delay set in.


At the start of the show, I talked about how taking time to make decisions and being risk averse can actually slow down or stop our growth completely. I talked about the opportunities we are given each day to follow through on the discipline that will lead to our desired results. I discussed why it’s so important for us to build our decision making muscle. I also talked about the law of diminishing intent and how we can starve it of its power.

I also discussed:

  • Delusional optimism and how it trips us up
  • How indecision derails us from taking proactive action
  • Our responsibility in the outcomes we get in our lives


Indecision will kill our success, momentum, leadership, and ability to create breakthrough results. To solve it, we have to feel the pain of a problem enough to take an action and stop using softeners to create a false sense of safety. We have to strike when the iron of motivation and inspiration is hot because that’s the moment it is most malleable to our dreams.  

If we leave it too long, the iron cools and we become victims of the law of diminished intent and it becomes easier to make excuses, procrastinate, and spend another day eating the bread of mediocrity.