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How Having Less Realtor Partners Actually Makes You More Money

September 10, 2020

One of the biggest reasons loan officers struggle to delight in their work comes down to who they work with. Not all Realtors are created equal. Some energize us and our businesses, and others cause nothing but drama and trauma. If we're working with a lot of the wrong Realtors, we won’t be able to have more fun, flow, freedom, or funds. 

The problem is many mortgage pros believe they have to work with every single agent to have a healthy book of business, but the opposite is true. The most successful mortgage pros have designed their businesses around working with a special select few who value and respect them -- and send them a boatload of referrals. 

By going for quality over quantity, we get to maximize our performance and our results. 

Which Realtors are best to work with? How can we get more out of our businesses by working with fewer higher-quality partners? In this episode, I share the top 5 reasons less is more when it comes to who we work with. 


Be selective about the quality and caliber of partnerships so you’re getting maximum reward for the least amount of responsibility and stress. -Doren Aldana    




Why we have to choose our Realtor partners wisely:

Every client and Realtor comes at a cost. Some give us the delightful experience of flow, ease, and synergy. Others bring nothing but drudgery, drama, friction, and frustration. 



The trouble with average Realtors and low-producing agents: 

The average Realtor is too much thankless drama, difficulty, and trauma. We’ll get treated like a commodity with the mediocre results to match. Become irreplaceable and indispensable as a mortgage pro by making one simple change. 


How working with the right people improves our quality of life:

Working with a select few Realtors doesn’t just maximize our earnings. It maximizes our fulfillment, and the mental and emotional reward we get from our work. Think about all the areas of your life that will be improved!