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How Fear Holds Us Back From Fulfilling Our Full Potential (And How to Finally Put Fear Under Your Feet!)

May 6, 2021

Fear plays an important role in keeping us aware of risks, but when it informs our decisions so much that we're too afraid to move forward, something needs to change. 


What are the biggest fears felt by newbie LOs, seasoned mortgage pros and everyone in between, and how do we kick them to the curb, once and for all? 


How do we strike a balance between the damaging delusions of total fearlessness, and the devastating stagnation of pervasive paranoia? 


In this episode, I explain how fear is stopping us from making our dreams a reality, and what to do about it. 


"The more we focus on our fears, the more we tend to attract them, because what we feed, we fuel!" -Doren Aldana





  • How too much trepidation stops newbies from making their mark

    How can newly minted mortgage pros move past second guessing themselves so they can start making an impact in their markets?


  • Why veterans need to stop stressing the 'what ifs' and take action

    What can seasoned LOs do to stabilize their businesses, so the thought of 'what if' never even enters the equation? 


  • How to stop letting market concerns steal our shine

    How can we get over our market-related fears and serve our customers, instead of projecting our anxieties onto them?