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How Brett Clark Went From $0 to $3M+/Month in Volume in Just 3 Months, Without Making a Single Cold Call!

June 10, 2021

We tend to think it takes several years before we start making decent money in this business, which is why most newbies get chewed up and spat out before they ever get their business off the ground. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!


How can we bypass the slow grind up the 20-story staircase and just press the "P" button on the elevator, so we can get straight to making PROSPERITY money right from the get go? What are the common barriers we’re most likely to deal with as a newbie, and how can we kick them down in advance?


In this episode, Main Street Home Loans Consultant, Brett Clark shares how he went from not even knowing the mortgage industry EXISTED, to consistently producing $3M+ month in volume in just 3 months.

"Pay attention to your mindset. You can have all the tools but without wanting to reach your goals, you won't." -Brett Clark






  • How to make powerful connections with Top Realtors without calling

    When nobody knows who we are or how much experience we have, how can we get them to trust us with their clients? 


  • How to take control of our brands, right out of the gate

    Our companies are usually telling us to do the stuff that worked 20 years ago, but that stuff just doesn't work anymore! How can we take control of our careers and position ourselves on a trajectory of prosperity from day one? 


  • Why knowing our WHY is mission critical to our success

    It's not enough just to "want more money" - that is rarely enough to drive us to success. How can you find your PURPOSE that will propel to rise above the ground and accomplish the EXTRAORDINARY?


Guest Bio - 


Brett Clark is a home loans consultant at Main Street Home Loans. A US Army Veteran, Brett got into the mortgage industry after completing his MBA in early 2021- and despite not even knowing the industry existed until recently, his drive, passion, and perseverance have all culminated in his unbelievable success. Brett is passionate about serving his clients and partners at the highest level, so he can make a bigger impact on more people.


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