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How Brenda Dintino-Duran Broke Her Company’s Closings Record with 53 Closings in One Month!

March 29, 2018

Most people can only dream of having over 50 closings in a year, and our guest managed to do this in a matter of weeks! What are the components needed for this achievement to be possible? Why is mindset such a key part of this? How do you leverage your database? On this episode, Brenda Dintino-Duran shares the steps she took to close 53 deals in a month.

If you enjoy your business and you plan with purpose for that business, you’re going to be successful. - Brenda Dintino-Duran



  • You want to take advantage of your database when the rates improve.
  • Whatever you did 30 days ago is going to come to fruition now.
  • Stop chasing now money and work on building a database.
  • Cultivating positive thoughts is important in achieving success.


At the start of the show, we talked about how Brenda got into the business, and the puzzle pieces that need to be in place to achieve 53 closings in a month. Next, we talked about the importance of cultivating your database and the necessity of preparation, planning, and mindset. We also talked about the importance of laying the foundation for success and doing the hard work.

We also discussed:

  • How to cultivate a purposeful mindset
  • How to plan ahead for every day in your business
  • The mistakes a lot of people make and how to correct them


Brenda is a blossoming example of the epic power of sustained, proactive effort in cultivating a database and having a heart to really care about the client long-term. This kind of dedication will always pay off because it puts you miles ahead of the rest of the industry. Add a positive mindse, and you will be unstoppable, iconic and successful.


Guest Bio
Brenda "The Lenda" Dintino-Duran is a branch manager at New American Funding. Find her on Facebook or LinkedIn