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How to Stay Sane and Profitable When Things Are a Little Nuts

March 26, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic and its impact on our health and wealth is weighing on everyone’s mind; but right now more than ever, it’s important that we show up powerfully in the face of this challenge. How do we remain effective and impactful at this moment? How can we avoid getting caught in fear and panic? In this episode, we talked about how to create a proactive plan to prosper in this time of challenge and strain.  

Keep yourself anchored in an emotional home of resourcefulness, love, peace and proactive action. -Doren Aldana  



  • When people are facing extreme fear and experiences of uncertainty, this is when we need leaders who work to expand when everyone else is contracting. 

  • Take reasonable precautions to protect you and your family, but don’t participate in the massive panic that’s happening.

  • Stress reveals the cracks in our businesses which we overlook when things are good. 

  • Don’t over-consume fear-spewing news and content.


On this episode, I talked about how to get through this challenging time with poise, peace, resourcefulness and love. I talked about the importance of having and sticking to a champion level routine. I also shared the difference between informative and actionable information, and fear-driven content. 

We also discussed:

  • The importance of keeping your eyes open and being clear-headed
  • Why good leaders are needed now more than ever 
  • How to be in drive mode instead of drift mode