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Client Celebrations: How to Win in This Challenging Market

October 27, 2022

Everyone’s feeling the heat of this unprecedented and difficult market. A lot of LOs are stuck on the struggle bus, freaking out because their income is a fraction of what it used to be.


The good news is just because the market’s tough doesn’t mean you can’t still profit and prosper. With the right strategy, you can win under any market conditions.


In today’s episode, we’re sharing some inspiring client success stories that prove that you can still move the needle on profit and performance when the market’s a little (or a lot) crappy.


You’ll also learn;

-How Misty Sessions 10x’d her closings in 2 months without cold calling

-How Joe Madrid booked 6 meetings with top-producing Realtors in 1 week

-How Jelani Dorsey turned his annual income into his monthly income in just 2 months

-How Tom Jacobs turned a list of 22 top-producing Realtors into 2 VIP partners and 5 referrals in just 2 weeks 

-How Desiree Carter got 5 new loans in her pipeline from top Realtors without speaking on the phone 

-How Brittany Quesnell landed a top dog Realtor team without a single cold call 

-How Brett Clark landed 10 top dog Realtor partners in just 1.5 months without cold calling