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Building Your Business the Easy Way vs. the Hard Way

August 2, 2018


We all want to reach our goals in the fastest, most enjoyable way possible. How do we find the easiest way to success? What are the dead giveaways that we are working too hard and getting too little results to justify our work? Most importantly, what can we do to make the switch from the “hard way” to success to the "smart way"?


If you aren’t moving forward, you're going backwards. There is nowhere in between. -Doren Aldana  



  • Nothing has meaning inherently. We give everything its meaning. If we could think about what happens in our lives without adding negative connotations to it, our lives would be much easier. 


  • Don’t neglect your database in the name of immediate profit. Ask yourself what you’re doing on a consistent basis to nurture the leads that might bring business in the future.


  • Many mortgage pros make the mistake of waiting too long before they contact a lead. We can be experts when it comes to selling, but our response time needs to be strong as well.


In the beginning of the episode, I talked about the negative emotional suffering we put on ourselves unnecessarily, and the risk we run when we stop leveraging our database. I also covered how being slow when contacting your leads can send us down the slow lane of success.

I also covered:

  • How to stop making friends and attract business partners
  • Why we get distracted and how to relieve the pressure in our lives
  • Why the trajectory of our business (upwards or downwards) is the biggest diagnostic tool for us to find out if we took the hard or the easy way

The biggest diagnostic tool you have to figure it out whether you’re doing things the hard way or the easy way is to look at the profits of your business. Is your business growing? Is it decreasing in profits? There’s no stagnation in business. Once you stop growing, you are already moving backwards. As a result, you need to take action right away and identify where you could improve in your business to raise your income.