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Ask Me Anything Part 2: What’s Your Single Most Important Question About Growing Your Mortgage Business?

February 24, 2022

No one got into this business to be average, but most LOs slide down the path to mediocrity remarkably soon after getting started, and the majority of the time, that’s because of fear


We aren’t always aware of it, but fear has the ability to stop us from achieving in all areas of life, business included, and if we don’t stop it in its tracks, it can completely sabotage our chances of success.


So, how do we kick that fear to the curb? Better yet, how do we identify when fear is what’s tripping us up in the first place? 


In this second edition of my ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, I’m tackling your fear-based questions, so you can move beyond them, once and for all! 

Own your winner’s identity and operate from a place of victory. -Doren Aldana




  • How to position ourselves as winners when dealing with Realtors

    Could our personalities be preventing more top producers from wanting to work with us? 


  • How to overcome call reluctance

    Is there a way to pivot the way we think about prospecting, so instead of dreading it, we look forward to it? 


  • The key to a more consistent pipeline

    Are we unwittingly sabotaging our pipelines by clinging to our comfort zones?