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Ask Me Anything: Market Shift Edition

September 15, 2022

From just getting started, to growing and scaling, there are so many steps to get up and running, and that’s before a market shift factors into things.

Can we survive and even thrive when the market gets a bit shaky? How do we become our unstoppable selves and become the best in this business?

In today’s episode, I answer questions submitted by listeners that cover mindset shifts, marketing tips and more to get you working smarter not harder. 


There’s always an ocean of abundance available; the question is are you coming to that ocean of abundance with a little itty-bitty thimble… or a dump truck? -Doren Aldana  


Three Things We Learned  

  • How to get past the wall of resistance
    In today’s crazy market place there are multiple barriers that make our job in mortgage harder, how do we get over these and find success?
  • Why we have to target top producers
    The fastest way to the cash is working with top real estate producers, but how do we crack the code to get there?
  • Why we have to diagnose first, prescribe second
    Become irreplaceable and indispensable by offering the “cure” to the ailments of top producers