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Ask Me Anything! 4 LOs Submit Their Burning Questions On Taking Their Business to the Next Level

December 16, 2021

For many mortgage pros, not achieving has nothing to do with a lack of motivation and everything to do with not knowing where we’re going wrong. 


So, what are our biggest, most common missteps? More importantly, what can we do to quit making them, altogether?


In this episode, I’m kicking off my brand spanking new Q&A series by answering your questions on how to stop being your own bottleneck. 


"Get intentional about your strategies. You have to be like a sniper in your business, vs. someone who is just spraying and praying." -Doren Aldana




  • What the fastest path to the cash is NOT

    What well-meaning strategies are we implementing that are doing more harm than good? 


  • The key to using social media more effectively

    Are blog posts and a ton of content really going to help us see results right here, right now, or should we be doing something else? 


  • How to step our game, stat

    How can we stop settling for ‘good’ and charge forth towards great?