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7 Signs Your Marketing is Broken (And How to Fix it)

November 12, 2020

It’s tough staying motivated when it feels like we’re spinning our wheels in the same spot, but most of the time, average results come down to one thing: poor marketing.


When our marketing isn’t positioning us as the only logical choice, we’re paving the way for mediocre results. It doesn't matter how great your products are or how great your service is, if you don't know how to market yourself effectively, you're going to have skinny kids.


The irony is, bad marketing usually goes hand in hand with conventional thinking. Conventional ruts, lead to conventional results. How can we stop following the herd, and rise above the crowd?


In this episode, I’m sharing how to identify if our marketing is on the wrong track and how to get back on the path to marketing excellence... the path of prosperity.

If you feel like you were born to soar but you’re scratching in the chicken yard, it’s probably because your marketing is losing steam. -Doren Aldana




Why cold-calling in the 21st century is only holding us back:


Cold-calling is the quickest way to work harder, rather than smarter. What other, more effective options are available to us? 


How a “feast or famine” mindset lets us know we’re doing something wrong:


Are we holding ourselves back from our wants because we’re worried about an unpredictable, fluctuating income? How do we fix that, once and for all?


What our average loan size says about us:


If our average loan is $100k below optimal, we could be approaching the wrong Realtors. How can we align with top dog agents who work with a more affluent client base?