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7 Secrets of Top Producing Mortgage Pros That Separate Them From All The Rest

February 18, 2021

From the outside looking in, it often seems like top producers have some kind of superhuman capacity that sets them apart from the rest of us, but that just ain’t so. 

No one comes into this world as a top producer, and all it takes to reach the next level is having the right skills. The great news is, that means all of us have the latent ability to become elite players in the industry.

What skills have top LOs learned that the rest of us haven’t, and what really makes the difference in their ability to thrive versus those who struggle to survive? Is it possible to follow their lead without putting in more hours? 

In this episode, I’m sharing the 7 characteristics that separate the elite 1% from the mediocre majority. 

"Own success as yours, in advance." -Doren Aldana


  • The importance of having a defiant commitment to success: 

    We were made by greatness, for greatness. Are we living like we believe that to be true? 

  • How not having a bias towards DOING only slows us down: 

    Why spend eons drawing up a perfect plan when we could start taking imperfect action TODAY and get a step closer to reaching our goals? 

  • Why the industry’s elite aren’t looking at LAGGING metrics: 

    Are our activities doing enough to generate a fruitful harvest for the future, or are we getting too caught up in instant gratification?