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7 Myths that Kill Your Success as a Mortgage Pro

April 11, 2018

Nothing holds people back in business more than the limiting beliefs they carry. How do you shift away from these misinterpretations? Is being the best at mortgage work going to make you successful? What is the right mindset to have about getting assistance and help? On this episode, I share 7 myths that you need to shatter for greater power, peace, productivity and profits.



  • What are the limiting beliefs we are prone to carry without realizing it?
  • How can you work "smarter", rather than harder?
  • What's wrong with multi-tasking?
  • and much more!


At the start of the show, I talked about how limiting beliefs and subscribing to these 7 myths will destroy your results. Next, we talked about the importance of working smarter, not harder if you really want to grow your business. We also talked about the dangers of incessant distractions, and how that makes you a beginner but not a finisher.

I also shared:

  • Why being the best marketer, not mortgage professional helps you succeed
  • The importance of delegation and empowerment
  • Why multitasking isn’t smart


There’s a bigger mindset that plays into success and there is a better way to run your business, but you have to embrace a better mindset first. If you want more income, you don’t have to do more work. If you want to succeed you have to become a marketer first before being a mortgage professional. Remember that leverage is the key to a higher level of success and you have to think about putting policy, procedure, protocol and systems in place that underlie everything you want to get done. When you shift your mindset, success becomes inevitable.