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7 Barriers to Breakthroughs that Will Hold You Back

February 15, 2019

Most of the barriers to our success lie in our own mindsets. What thoughts and beliefs hold us back? How can we change them? On this episode, I outline the seven most problematic assumptions we allow ourselves to believe and why they harm our business. The great thing is, just as your mindset has stopped you from achieving in the past, changing the way you think can bring you immeasurable success going forward.



Think: 'What if it does work?' That's how a champion thinks. -Doren Aldana



  • Stop thinking in terms of what you don’t have: saying you have limited time and money holds you back from finding ways to solve those issues.

  • Don't assume you have to add to your workload to be successful.

  • Being comfortable now will result in lack of comfort when you're older. Be proactive and understand that you need to put in hard work now to reap the rewards later.


At the start of the episode, I emphasize that each of the seven barriers to your success exist only in your mind. I then start breaking down the ways you can get around each of those self-imposed limitations.


I also look at:

  • Why indecision is your worst enemy
  • How your workload doesn’t necessarily need to increase
  • Why you need to stop thinking about what could go wrong and start thinking about what could go right


At some point, we’ve all been told running a business is a bad idea because you don’t have enough time or money. The reason all of us can agree on having heard that is because we live in a culture that promotes myths. While there are always risks, the fear of failure should never stop you from pursuing your dreams.

If we pay attention to all the reasons it won’t work, we’re really spending the energy on worrying that we could have used to just get started. Change your mindset and stop placing limitations on your abilities. You’re only as successful as you allow yourself to be.