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5 Unique Value-Adds That Will WOW Your Realtors’ Socks Off, So They Need You More Than You Need Them!

June 3, 2021

Great rates and service aren’t a value proposition, they’re the bare minimum! How can we take our strategies a step further and offer our partners more than the average Joe? 


How can we zig while everyone else zags, so we can provide the kind of out-of-this-world service that gets Realtors hot for what we’ve got?


In this episode, I share 5 add-on services GUARANTEED to get agents lining up at our doors.

"Bring real unique value no one else is offering and help your partners take their value to the next level." -Doren Aldana



  • Why getting pre-approved buyers will always stand us in good stead

    Why sit around watching agents leave money on the table when we could speed up the process from the start?


  • How to find motivated sellers
    What wicked effective systems can help us seal the deal with motivated sellers in today’s market? 


  • How to set up more repeat and referral business for our partners
    What if we were able to help our partners get an extra deal or 2 EVERY month, just by having a more sophisticated marketing system?