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5 Steps for Building a Rock-Solid, Recession-Proof Business

April 2, 2020

We’re living in uncertain and turbulent times, and this can take a toll on a business that doesn’t have the right pillars and systems built into it. 

Why do mortgage pros struggle to build a stable and consistent pipeline even in the best of times? Where should we be intensifying our marketing and relationship-building efforts? 

On this special webinar episode, I talk about the fastest and most consistent path to cash, and how to build longevity, peace of mind and security in your business. 


We need to have accurate thinking, be prudent and vigilant to hedge ourselves against these uncertainties so when the storms hit we can survive and thrive in the face of it. -Doren Aldana  



  • If your database marketing is on point, you should be getting 1-3 deals a month for every 100 past clients.  

  • Build stability through diversification. Have multiple pillars, lead sources and streams, partners and profit centers. 

  • Work only with top producing agents, that’s Realtors doing 20+ transactions a year.

    At the start of the show, I shared why we should always be prepared for storms and downturns, and how we can thrive regardless of market conditions. I talked about the most reliable markets we should be focusing our attention on, and answered questions on what new LOs can do right now to hit the ground running. 

    I also shared:

    • The importance of systems 
    • Clients who have improved their income and their lives by implementing our system 
    • How to stabilize your business