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5 Steps for Building a Rock-Solid Recession-Proof Business So You Can Prosper in Unprosperous Times

August 12, 2021

We’re living in crazy times and Covid lockdowns have certainly created more turbulence in our market, but the reality is, ebbs and flows are a given. Our best defense? Being prepared in advance!


How can we safeguard ourselves from the coming fallout? What can we do to ensure our businesses are the last and least affected by market downturns?


In this episode, you’re invited to a special training guide on how to stay winning in ANY market.


"In the wake of the upcoming impact on the economy, it’s now imore imperative than ever to protect yourself against the coming perils." -Doren Aldana





  • How to maximize repeat and referral business

    How many deals are we leaving on the table by neglecting our past clients? 


  • How to build stability through diversification

    The parthenon stands today because it has multiple pillars holding it up. Why should our mortgage businesses be any different?


  • Why mentoring ALWAYS pays in dividends

    How can we leverage the expertise of those who have gone before us, so blindspots stop tripping us up on the path to success?