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5 Hiding Places Mortgage Pros Use To ”Play It Safe” That Keep Them Achieving Greatness!

September 16, 2021

We all have a tendency to play it safe, because that’s part of the human experience. However, by staying in our convenience zones, we’re only stopping ourselves from moving into our CONQUER zones, so we have to figure out where our comfort lies and how to break free from it, for good.


What are we doing to stay in the easy, breezy space we’re in, and how can we shift away from it so we nullify our chances of stagnation? Which of our day to day activities are taking us to the precipice of mediocrity, and what do those who SOAR do, instead? 


In this episode, I’m shining a spotlight on the 5 places LOs hide from their own greatness, so we can cut them out of our lives, once and for all.


"Step into your champion self, feel the fear and do it anyway." -Doren Aldana





  • When social media does more harm than good

    If social media isn’t the main thing we should be doing to grow our businesses, what should we be doing instead? 


  • Why perfectionism is holding us back from brilliance

    Is trying to be ‘perfect’ stopping us from getting the best results possible?


  • How to kick imposter syndrome to the curb

    We’ve all experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our lives. The question is, how do we push past it?