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5 Critical Things To Look For When Choosing a Mortgage Marketing Coaching Program

April 29, 2021

The internet is bursting at the seams with advertisements for mortgage marketing coaching, but as we know, not all programs are created equal. The problem is, sorting the good from the bad isn’t always easy.


Trying to figure out which coaching program to pick is overwhelming, and that’s before any of the hard work begins! How can we get better at discerning the magnificent from the mediocre? 


What do the most effective coaching programs have that others lack, and how can we pinpoint those features before wasting a ton of time and money on an ineffective product? 


In this episode, I share the checklist we should all consult before committing to a coaching program.

"Ask yourself if your coach’s life is worthy of emulation." -Doren Aldana



Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode


  • The elegance of simplicity

    Why sign up for anything needlessly complicated? Wouldn’t it be a lot more painless to go for the simple solution? 


  • Why quality beats quantity, every time

    Is it worth using a system that can only guarantee poor quality leads that take an insane amount of time and effort to convert?


  • Why we should look to programs that prioritize attracting over chasing

    Sure, cold calling worked 20 years ago, but how effective are caveman strategies in the age of technology?