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5 BIG Brakes That Slow Down Your Business Growth

January 28, 2021

When pushing our businesses to the next level, many of us think in terms of what we should be doing, but sometimes it’s more important to think about what we need to stop doing.

No amount of pressing on the throttle will give us a smooth ride if we aren’t letting off the brakes. The question is, what are those brakes in our businesses? 

Which activities are keeping us stuck in place, and how can we root them out of our routines for good? 

In this episode, I share how to stop spinning our wheels and start moving forward in a smooth ride to flow, fun, and fulfillment.


"If you're constantly being sucked into paper-pushing, you’re putting the brakes on in your business." -Doren Aldana

Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How stinkin’ thinkin’ holds us back: 

    We all have an unlimited capacity for greatness, so what’s stopping us from making our dreams a reality? 

  • How to put a stop to paper-pushing, pronto: 

    How can we expect to reach new heights when we’re trapped under the muck and mire of minutiae? 

  • Why weak systems set us up for mediocrity: 

    Repeating each step of our processes each time they need to be undertaken isn’t the same as having a business. Have we created glorified jobs for ourselves?