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3 Traits of Top Producers (That Separate Them from the Mediocre Majority)

October 3, 2019


The vast majority of loan officers are earning under $75 000 per year, while the top earners are earning upwards of $500,000 annually. What is it that separates the top earners from this mediocre majority? Do they have a secret recipe that the rest of us don’t know about? On this episode, we’re discussing the traits shown by top producers.




  • Commitment and decisiveness are vital traits. We need to go all-in on achieving our goals, and refuse to entertain back-up plans or option B’s. Top producers don’t even consider failure an option.
  • Top producers don’t automatically have a secret recipe; they learn it from other high achievers. To be successful, we need to be willing to learn from others and leave our egos at the door.
  • We have to be resourceful to win. That means finding a way to achieve, no matter the circumstance.


At the start of the episode, we spoke about the vast difference in income between top producers and the mediocre majority. We discussed the importance of mindset in cultivating success, and learnt that being a top producer doesn’t mean sacrificing more. In fact, if we believe that sacrifice is needed for success, we’re only holding ourselves back.

We also discussed: 

  • Why staying true to our values is necessary
  • How we need to accept that success doesn’t always come easily
  • How to view big obstacles as a prelude to big successes

The massive disparities in income between the average, mediocre loan officer and top producers all come down to mindset. Top producers are in the 1% of loan officers because they’re unwilling to compromise on their dreams. However, no one has all the answers right at the start. If we want to get ahead in the mortgage business, we need to be willing to listen to those who have achieved our goals. We can separate ourselves from the mediocre majority, but we have to be willing to find a way to win regardless of our circumstances.