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3 Steps to Creating a Breakthrough in Your Purchase Pipeline… Without Cold Calling, Begging, or Bribing

November 4, 2020

Growing our purchase pipeline without making a ton of cold calls may sound too good to be true, but that’s only because we’ve become used to doing it the hard way.


Most LOs are so accustomed to begging Realtors for their business that the thought of doing it any other way seems downright audacious, but it doesn’t need to be. When we channel our efforts into working smarter, not harder, breakthrough becomes reality.


What can we do to flip the script on Realtors and get them to ask us for business? Is it truly possible to partner with top dog agents who bring us better deals without calling the same 40 Realtors every Monday?


In this episode, I’m sharing the 3 steps that guarantee purchase pipeline growth.


Work with people who have the highest capacity to send you the most business, the most often. -Doren Aldana




  • Why we need to stop wasting time working with mediocre agents:
    A lot of the time, we end up working harder than we should because we’re partnered with bottom feeder agents who do the bare minimum. How can we stop aligning with low producers for good? 

  • How to bait the right Realtors: 

    Superstar agents want to work with superstar mortgage pros. What can we bring to the table to show we’re the obvious choice for a lender partner? 

  • The process we should be taking agents through: 

    Could our approach with Realtors be the one thing stopping us from building fruitful relationships with them? What should we be doing instead?