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3 Steps For Upping Your Income In A Down Market

September 29, 2022

In times of adversity, like a down market, it’s more difficult than ever to stay positive and use the struggle to learn and grow. Yet to get and stay ahead, this is the most important time to embrace adversity and use it beneficially.


Can we use a down market to actually grow mentally and financially? 


In this episode, I look at three simple steps to shift our mindsets on adversity, draw on our innate resilience, and increase our income in a down market. 

Being a champion is not about being perfect, it’s about seeking the best version of ourselves. -Doren Aldana  


Three Things We Learned  

  • How to shift our perspective on the adversity we face
    Anytime there is a down market, many of us focus on the adversity as something taking our joy. Is adversity making you better or making you bitter?

  • How to focus on what we can change, and ignore what we can’t
    Surrender is powerful. When we focus on what we can control it gives us the opportunity to move forward, and come closer to living in the light, instead of the dark.
  • How to stop chasing and start attracting
    It can be hard to adopt this particular posture, but we have to work toward attracting, rather than chasing agents.