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3 Simple Steps to Recession-Proof Your Mortgage Business

August 18, 2022

With all the inflationary indicators in the market, it’s clear that the mortgage gold rush is over and a recession is well on its way. Many loan officers are going to find themselves in scramble-mode - experiencing business turbulence, operating in a precarious position, and facing a whole lot of uncertainty.

How do you make sure you’re least and last affected by a downturn, not first and most?

Believe it or not, right now is the perfect time to prepare to take market share, and thrive and grow while everyone else is dropping flies. How do we build stability into our business and make it Parthenon stable?

In this episode, I’m going to share 3 ways to arm your business for a recession and build a rock solid foundation for you to enjoy whatever is happening in the market.


If you’ve noticed that you’ve been getting your ass kicked when it comes to your refi business dwindling and you’re in scramble mode, here are some words that will help you: never again. -Doren Aldana  


Three Things We Learned  

  • Why many loan officers find themselves in a precarious position
    Relying on one anemic aspect of the business makes us exceedingly vulnerable to market shifts, so what do we do instead?
  • How to avoid the worst of the downturn, and even thrive through it
    What are the big mistakes that make you hyper-vulnerable to market downturns?
  • How to create a treasure trove of opportunity
    How do we build a stable of rockstar Realtor partners?