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3 Hidden Obstacles to Success That Stop Most Mortgage Pros From Living Their Dream

September 10, 2020

Struggling mortgage professionals tend to blame external factors for their stagnation, but sometimes the culprit is a lot closer to them. Even with the best intentions, the highest level of potential, and the biggest dreams, there are still certain hidden obstacles that we can’t outrun or outperform until they are dealt with. 

These obstacles secretly suck the life out of our ability to achieve our full potential, and even the most talented people can become victims of them. 

How can we get rid of these insidious barriers to success? What practical steps can we take to make sure we’re equipped to soar? In this episode, I talk about three things that might be holding us back without our knowledge. 

Replace delusional optimism with clear-headed accurate thinking. -Doren Aldana  



  • Why fear does nothing to protect us from risk:  
    Human beings are naturally designed to look out for danger, so it seems wise to focus on fear and keep a watchful eye on risks. The problem is when we focus on fear, we expand the things we actually don’t want. What should we focus on instead?
  • How delusional optimism perpetuates our problems:
    Delusional optimism is when we expect things to get better without actually making any changes to aid the situation. How can we take action ourselves to pull our business out of stagnation?
  • What our terror barrier tells us about ourselves:
    Our comfort zone encircles our life and the current results we have. Stepping out of that will inevitably feel scary, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. That doesn’t mean we’re doing something wrong, it actually means something good is happening. How can we use it to create the life we want?