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3 BIG Reasons Why Most Mortgage Pros Put Up With Being Their Realtors’ Loan Bitch (And How to Finally Get the Respect and Referrals You Deserve!)

July 22, 2021

For many of us, the thought of an LO being in the driver’s seat is akin to the Loch Ness Monster: we hear about it, but we never see it for ourselves. Why is it that a mortgage pro holding the cookie seems so foreign to us?


Where have loan officers gone so wrong, and how can we start re-positioning ourselves, so Realtors give us the respect we deserve? Is it possible to do it WITHOUT reinventing the wheel?


In this episode, I’m diving into the 3 things that have made mortgage pros meek and weak- and how to flip the switch!

"When you don’t have the right dynamic in your relationship with Realtors, you will feel forced to answer calls every minute of the day." -Doren Aldana





  • Why begging for business will only stunt our success

    Are we chasing business, or are we attracting it? 


  • The importance of differentiation

    Great rates and service are a GIVEN. What are we doing to offer Realtors unique, exclusive value? 


  • The risk of having a SCARCITY mindset

    Are we bending over backward for Realtors because we’re scared to say no?