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3 BIG Reasons Why Most Marketing Plans Don’t Work (And How To Fix It)

December 12, 2019

Most of us are looking forward to a new year and hoping that our marketing strategies will be successful in helping us grow our businesses. The problem is that many of these aspirations and goals don’t get achieved because of how we approach our marketing. How do we make sure we’re setting our marketing up to win and succeed? What kills the effectiveness of our marketing plans? On this episode, we discuss 3 things that are hindering the effectiveness of our marketing plans, and how we can improve for a more successful 2020.  

Until our champion level goals have a champion level execution plan, and champion level daily routines, chances are they won’t happen. -Doren Aldana


  • When a marketing plan is too cerebral and too “in-your-head,” it won’t work until your heart is in it and you feel like it’s tied to your BIG why.

  • If a marketing plan is too complex and complicated, we end up doing nothing. Simplify marketing by focusing on database marketing, Realtor marketing and consumer direct marketing. 

  • Having a caveman type marketing strategy makes it hard to achieve any success. We have to set up systems for automation and delegation, and we have to be able to get to the outcome taking the easiest path possible.

At the start of the show, I shared why our marketing plans have to be backed by execution and daily routine. Next, we talked about how to connect our plan with our BIG why. Next, we discussed the 3 types of marketing that we need to have in our plan, and how to align our activity with our energy.

We also discussed: 

  • Why cerebral marketing plans don’t succeed
  • How complexity kills execution
  • The difference between a “should” and a “must”