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Branding Yourself vs. Utilizing Your Company’s Brand

August 24, 2018


Many mortgage pros make the mistake of using the reputation of the company they work for as a form of branding. What happens when we leave a company and we’ve built our entire reputation based on theirs? How do we make our brand “portable”? And what comes first: lead generation or branding? In this episode, I talk about the advantages of branding ourselves and building our own reputation.



You build your reputation through repetition. -Doren Aldana  



  • Branding consists of the associations we make in our head when we think about a certain company.
  • When someone works with us, they experience our expertise, so it makes sense to use ourselves as the face of our brand—not the company.
  • If you want to stand out, it’s okay to be polarizing in your marketing. You can’t please everyone, so make your voice strong enough to have people either love or hate what you’re saying, but never ignore you.


In the beginning of the episode I talked about what branding is, why we should be the face of our brand, and how can we avoid sending out a diluted marketing message.

I also covered:

  • Why we shouldn’t use the company’s CRM or send materials unbranded
  • Why branding is a byproduct of successful lead generation
  • How focusing on doing what we love and delegating everything else makes our business more successful


Branding is not excellent customer service or fair rates. Branding is the product of the lead generation and lead conversion process. When we do a great job, people remember us. Because of how competitive the market is, covering the bare minimum no longer cuts it. Instead, we have to find ways to make our business stand out by bringing unique value to the table.